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Coffee as an ally for the liver: A campaign by the Canadian Liver Foundation

When it comes to the health of Canadians, a new campaign aims to raise awareness about the benefits of coffee on the liver.

Organized by the Canadian Liver Foundation, the campaign is based off of data from the last two years that shows consuming coffee could lead to a reduced risk of developing liver diseases. In a press release on Wednesday, the foundation said that the campaign celebrates that potential of coffee to “enhance liver health.”

The campaign further looks into the actions that individuals can take to prevent such conditions as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease to fibrosis and even liver cancer.

Alluding to the research, the foundation noted in their release that one cup of black coffee a day could lower the risk of chronic liver disease by 15 per cent. About three to four cups a day can reduce the risk to 71 per cent.

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Laura Dellandrea, the foundation’s marketing and communications manager, said the data confirmed what the foundation already knew. She said that components of coffee can help to suppress the progression of liver diseases.

“It’s research that we’ve known about for a while… we’re always looking for ways to bring awareness to Canadians in how they can reduce their risk for liver disease,” said Dellandrea. “Among many other small, preventative, daily lifestyle choices, coffee is another way that can reduce that risk.”

Dellandrea said that while coffee can play a role in reducing risks for diseases, it isn’t the only outlet. Lifestyle choices, she noted, can play a big role — from eating healthier to being active. Coffee is a piece of it, she said. But at the end of the day, it isn’t all-encompassing cure.

According to her, a number of factors could contribute to higher risks for liver diseases. These include having a less active lifestyle, increased alcohol consumption, and improper diets.

When it comes to coffee, Dellandrea said, it can be consumed in any way, be it decaffeinated or a shot of espresso.

“The great thing is it doesn’t really matter what way the coffee’s prepared. It can be decaf; it can be caffeinated. It can also be drip, French press, espresso, filtered, (and) instant. All the ways (show) that black coffee is effective for liver health,” said Dellandrea.

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In their release, the Canadian Liver Foundation noted that coffee can also offer “cancer-fighting properties and anti-inflammatory effects….”

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